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 Tueries from Flint (Michigan)

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MessageSujet: Tueries from Flint (Michigan)    Dim 1 Mai - 20:36

Quelque petit classic de Flint, le choix a ete crapuleu tant cette ville regorge de pepite

Moss (Ministaz Of A Sinista Society) - Erb-N-Reality (1995)

1.No Escape
4.Verbal Murder
6.Cap T
8.8 Mc's
10.Tlk'n Sh*t
11.Basic Ballers
12.Sodom & Gamorrah
14.Fully Automatic

F.O.D. (Face Of Death) - Raw (1995)

01.Harvest Time
02.If We Gone Smoke
03.Whuts Go On
04.Shots Out
05.Gone Witcha Games
06.He Was Bullshittin
07.5th Street

Nettwork - Time To Die (Flint, Michigan) 1994

1.The Entrance
2.Loco Gravedigga
3.I'm a Killa
4.Geto Dwella
5.The Nether World
6.Kill The Enemy
7.The Train(Part1)
8.Walkin' Thru The Graveyard
9.The Exit

Lockdown - Deep Thoughts (1997)

01.Just Us
02.Deep Thoughts
03.Fork N The Road
04.Sleepless Nights
05.That's How I'm Livin'
06.Livin' On The Edge (Remix)
07.See It Through (Feat. Wacko)
08.The Situation
09.Do Or Die
10.Street Life (Feat. Bombshell)
11.Deep N It (Feat. Teron & MC Ran)
12.Feel My Pain

Cat-Dat - G's Live Forever (1995)

02.Fuck That Bastard
03.Steady Mourning
04.Last Serving Soldier
05.Rolling Threw Your Hood
06.Today We Bury The Home
07.G's Live Forever
08.Do You Feel Me
09.Game Is The Reason For Livin, The
10.Since Eighty-Six
11.Today We Bury The Home (remix)
12.Still in the Game

Ruff-N-Rugged - Swing Sump'n Ruff (1993)

02.Old Skool Beat
03.Swing Sump'n Ruff
05.Comin' At Ya' (Str8 Jackin')
06.Black Male
07.Somethin' Funky
08.Drop The Microphone
09.Swing Sump'n Ruff (Radio Edit)

Wicked Dialogue - From Dusk Til' Down (1998)

02.Thug Analysis
03.Deeze Days
04.Ballaz Night
05.M.H.C (Skit)
06.Money, Hoes & clothes
08.Where My G'z At
09.Ride With Me
11.Ill Skills
12.Flint Radio (Skit)
13.Get High
14.All Day
15.Rags 2 Riches
16.Wicked Ways
17.Flint Finest

Project Born - Crap Or Natural (1995)

01. Strugglin'
02. Gettin' Fried
03. Flex
04. Don't Cross The Family
05. All Over The World
06. Hand On My Glock
07. World Is A Ghetto
08. Come Up No Down Falls
09. Project Born Fa Life

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Tueries from Flint (Michigan)
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