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 des news sur Nate Dogg

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MessageSujet: des news sur Nate Dogg   Dim 4 Avr - 14:16

Damizza Visits Nate Dogg And Gives Update On His Status

One of the most tragic stories to hit the music industry in the last few years is without a doubt that of Nathanial "Nate Dogg" Hale. The legendary singer blessed his fans with wonderful and timeless music for over a decade, before suffering from two strokes within a one-year period.

Since then, details on his condition have been scarce and Nate Dogg's supporters have been desperately trying to find out how he is doing and whether he will ever be able to make music again. Dubcnn just received an E-Mail from our good friend Damion "Damizza" Young, who recently visited Nate Dogg, letting us know Nate's current status.

Dubcnn would like to thank Damizza for finally providing information on Nate Dogg and for reaching out to dubcnn to let the world know. Here is the message:

"I finally reached Nate Dogg’s mom (thru Warren), Ms. Ruth, and she invited me to visit Nate anytime at the facility he’s in — I went the same day, April 2. I was allowed to spend six hours with him.
Not only were my biggest hits with Nate, he is my friend and my strongest mentor/supporter.

When he first heard me rap he said, “Damizza, if somebody has a fu**ing problem with you tell them to call me ... you have my number – I don’t care who you give it to. And I’ll tell them to s**k my dick (sorry Ms. Ruth, I gotta just tell the truth).” That is Nate’s sense of humor.

It hurt me deeply to see my friend in such a state and I told him “there are many people who don’t know where you are or what condition you’re in.” I asked his Mom and him if he had heard music in a long time. Nate’s way of communicating is to look up if it’s a “Yes” and to the side if it’s a “No.” He looked at me with saddened eyes and looked to the side.

I took him, in his wheelchair, to a computer and played him all the songs we’ve done together. His Mom was surprised because all the records Nate and I did were positive ones that expressed his true feelings. I played him “Music and Me.” I played him “Wake Up.” And “Where I Wanna Be.” I also sung him an unreleased record we had done just for fun ... and his face lit up and he laughed, as he is able.

Although it was sad to see my friend in this state I had to stay strong and keep my focus positive (for both of us). He is steps away from speaking again and when I asked him in our classic inside-joke kinda way, “let’s make a deal ...” I said “I’ll bring you your catalogue, headphones and a CD player if you just try to talk again.” He looked up and signaled “Yes!”

I go back in two weeks and I hope that his listening to his music helps bring him back from whatever space he’s in. God knows, in my darkest times, HE was the one who pulled ME out.

I want to thank Snoop, Kurupt, Warren, Butch and all of his real friends and family who have visited him since his stroke; I KNOW what it’s meant to Nate because, as I mentioned their names, his face lit up.

I thank Ms Ruth for just letting me see my friend, and I am honored that she gave me the following statement to release to his fans, friends, and the public." - Damion "Damizza" Young


“Nathaniel Hale's (aka Nate Dogg) mother Ruth and his entire family would first like to thank all his friends, fans, and acquaintances for their prayers, well wishes, cards, thoughts and anything you may have said or done during this trying time.

“For those who don't know, Nate suffered a major stroke in September 2008, his second in a one-year period. At the present time, Nate is alert and aware although he is unable to speak and has no use of his hands and feet, he is responding by eye movement. As to be expected, he has moments of despair and sadness, but we believe that with God, all things are possible. We continue to trust God for Nate’s progress. We ask that you continue to respect his privacy as he strives to get better. We solicit your continued prayers.”

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des news sur Nate Dogg
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